The European Voluntary Service is a unique opportunity to get in touch with different cultures and to acquire new skills and abilities useful for personal and professional growth. It also allows to develop skills in relationships with people of different languages and culture, to promote active citizenship and to support the development of local communities.

Among the various initiatives of the European Union in favour of volunteering there is the European Solidarity Corps which offers young people work or volunteering opportunities, in their own country or abroad, in the context of projects ranging from social aspects (reception of refugees and migrants, support for communities affected by natural disasters, fight against early school leaving the protection of the environment (monitoring of endangered species, projects related to climate change in areas including agriculture, forestry and fishing). ESC360 project falls within this framework, one of the main objectives is to train 360 volunteers in the monitoring of protected species included in the Annexes II and IV of the Habitats Directive within the sites of the Natura2000 network present in Italy.







ESC360 Adonis distorta

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